Updates and One-offs.

--- 2018 1 March ---

My project Kolkata Blue has been featured along with an interview on the excellent website of the land & us! I have followed this site for a few years and am honored to be included this week. It is a special thing to have the chance to reflect in a sort of formal way on a finished project like this. I appreciate the opportunity.

--- 2018 24 February ---

I had the pleasure of getting asked to submit some images to TAG TAG TAG's Journal and I took it as an opportunity to put the finishing touches on some photos I took at the Rockaways last summer. The light was moving really fast and I found some color. Apparently that's Patti Smith's house.

--- 2017 25 September ---

Join me and Sunny Leerasanthanah Friday, September 29 from 6-9pm at Lubov Gallery (373 Broadway, NY, NY) for the opening of our exhibition, Towards Tenderness. We've each made some new work to go together and we're excited to share it. If you can't make Friday, the work will be up all weekend and until Wednesday, October 4. We'd love to see you there.

--- 2017 19 September ---

I've got a few new photos included in the latest exhibition/book on Oranbeg Press - NET 2.6 - What Does Natural Look Like? It'll be available this weekend in print at the New York Art Book Fair and is available now in gallery and PDF form on the website. Take a look!

--- 2017 16 September---

It has been a quiet summer but some exciting news to come in the week ahead! Watch this space.

--- 2017 06 April ---

I've got an interview posted on this used to be us with some new work and thoughts on what I do. Thanks Dana!

--- ---

Dad is in his favorite chair / 2016.